A Brighter Future for Alexandria

Kirk is running for City Council because he believes that if we work together, Alexandria’s future can be even brighter than its present. Kirk is excited to share his vision of that future during this campaign, and to hear what the voters of our city are looking for in their next Council.

Overcoming the Pandemic

When the next Council takes office in January 2022, the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic may be behind us, but the work of rebuilding will have just begun. Our next Council must work with local businesses to give them the flexibility they will need to recover, support our social safety net to help make working families whole, and make it as easy as possible for new businesses to be created.

As a Council member, Kirk will bring his experience on city commissions and as a Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill to bear to find solutions that will help our city recover as quickly as possible.

Kirk also recognizes that it’s important to not just undo the damage of the pandemic, but to build Alexandria back better. He will support using Federal funds and recovery programs to improve equity in Alexandria, to address long standing problems like flooding, and to lay a foundation for a more just, more equitable and more prosperous future.

Supporting Our Public Schools

Kirk will be a strong advocate for our public schools on the city council, and he’s proud to have the support of leaders in the fight for better education including ACPS School Board Member Jacinta Greene.

Kirk will work to expand Alexandria’s commercial tax base to provide the funding needed to ensure our students and educators have the resources they require.

He will also work to strengthen ties between the Council and the School Board, and ensure that ACPS is at the table for all land use decisions so that the need for new school facilities remains a top priority in development discussions.

Making a Better City for All Alexandrians

Kirk will work every day so that the people who are a part of Alexandria today can still call our city home in the future.

Kirk will fight to improve housing affordability while maintaining our natural environment and open spaces. Kirk recognizes that our city’s affordable housing needs are diverse, and will require many different approaches, including affordable purchasable units. Kirk will also work to establish an affordable assisted living facility in Alexandria so that senior residents can remain in the city they love.

Kirk will work to expedite capacity improvements for our overwhelmed stormwater sewer system. He will listen to the members of the newly-established ad-hoc citizen’s committee to ensure that new flooding problems are identified and fully addressed. Kirk supports using funds from the American Rescue Plan to address flooding, and will work to bring additional Federal and state dollars, as well fees from developers working in the city, to bear on this challenge.

Kirk supports expanding broadband access to address existing inequalities and provide all Alexandrians with the internet access they need to succeed by connecting underserved communities to the city’s planned municipal fiber network.

Kirk recognizes that guiding Alexandria towards a brighter future will require tough decisions that balance competing priorities, and he will approach every question that comes before council with a desire to keep our city a wonderful place in the years ahead.

Improving Transparency & Communication

Kirk believes that transparency and communication are essential to democratic governance. As a member of the City Council, Kirk will seek to improve communication between the city and its residents. He will strive to give citizens on all sides of complicated issues the opportunity to be heard earlier in the policymaking process.

Kirk will hold regular free and accessible town hall meetings, both online and at locations across the city, to hear from constituents, and will be open and responsive to inquiries.

Kirk believes that the increasing tension and animosity found at every level of our politics is damaging to our democracy, and that openness and transparency are the key to building trust between voters and their elected officials.